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Value Engineering

As with many projects a slight variance in design could lead to a significant change in the total project cost. At WEC Rail we understand the need to optimise design as far as possible whilst maintaining the functional use of the end product.

Case Study - MCG Box

We received a build-to-print enquiry for a MCG box. Immediately aware of the difficulty of the existing design, we informed the client that there would be structural issues with the design supplied. We went ahead with the supplied design and, as expected, the bottom of the box buckled and wouldn't fit the vehicle.

We took it on ourselves to re-design, working to rail constraints and approved list of materials and processes. We developed a prototype and presented to the client who accepted the design change. The final design led to a 20% reduction in cost.

Case Study - BEC

A client came to us to manufacture body end cubicles. The build-to-print enquiry required 14 separate pieces for the back panel which we re-designed to just one piece.

The BEC also houses cable trays with many holes in for the cables to run through. By speaking with the client, we re-designed the cable trays leading to quicker assembly and wiring, reducing the number of man hours by 20%.

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